Prompt Action

The real test of an insurance company and their policy, is when it comes to lodging a claim. It’s important to make sure any damage is reported immediately to either your insurance company or insurance broker.

Understandably some matters cannot wait, so if action needs to be taken to prevent any further loss or damage, we would suggest you do this. It also might be necessary to arrange immediate temporary repairs, especially if the damage poses a hazard to yourself or the general public. Remember that you have a duty of care, and must respond to any damage as soon as possible.

Under our Service Directory we have included some important contacts that you may find helpful in the event of damage. This includes glaziers, building contractors and emergency make safe and water damage experts.

In regards to claim forms, please refer to our resources page for a few general claim forms which are available for download.

Generally speaking, for any large and complex claims, we would suggest notifying your insurance contact immediately to arrange an assessor.

With some brief details about the incident, your insurance company can organise to appoint an assessor to investigate the matter more efficiently as time may be critical.

When it comes to assessors/loss adjusters, each insurer uses a few different companies to handle their claims.

When submitting your claim form, it’s important to include supporting documentation. This will assist with making the claim progress more efficiently.

Some keys points to remember:-

  • Any quotes from a contractor should outline the type of damage and a scope of work, so your insurer knows exactly what the claim is for, what’s involved with repairs, and how much it’s going to cost;
  • You may also need to provide an invoice showing the cause of the damage has been rectified. Even if this is not claimable under your policy, it shows your insurance company that the cause of the damage has been fixed;
  • If you’ve been told that an item is unrepairable, please get this in writing as your insurer will need this in order to approve replacement rather than repair;
  • In some cases you may be required to provide proof of ownership, and this can be in the form of a receipt, photograph, manual, or anything else that shows you owned this item;
  • Do not dispose of any damaged items before getting authority from your insurance provider or assessor;
  • In regards to glass breakage, we usually recommend you contact O’Brien Glass or Express Glass, as they are the recommended repairer for most companies;

Hopefully this brief overview of claims is helpful, however if you have any concerns about your policy coverage or the claims procedure, please contact our office.

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