Farm Insurance

The total value of principal Australian agriculture commodities (crops, livestock and livestock products) produced in Australia in 2016-17 was $39,687 million

Did you know?

  • Farm-1

    $60 billion - Australian Farm income passes $60 billion for the first time in 2016/17

    (National Agriculture Day, Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts, 2018)

  • Farm-2

    In NSW alone, theft of cattle and sheep between January and October in 2017 cost farmers $2.8m and $1.4m respectively

    (The Land, “Thefts cost farmers millions”, 2018)

  • Farm-3

    In 2009-10, 17,400 agricultural workers become ill or were injured due through work

    (Safe Work Australia, Work-related deaths and injuries on Australian Farms, 2013)

What is Farm Insurance?

Working on the land brings many rewards - but just as many risks. As a farm owner, you’re vulnerable to bushfires that can destroy livestock or damage your buildings and other property; machinery breakdown which can cost you time and money; personal illness or a serious accident; or even a claim from a guest injured on your property.

Who should consider it?

Whether you’re a large-scale crop grower or livestock producer or a small family or hobby farm, Farm Insurance can help protect your farm, it’s produce and livestock - and the people who benefit from it.

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