Landlord Insurance

Unlike some landlord policies, Landlord Insurance can cover holiday rentals and long term rentals.

Did you know?

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    Australians own an investment property

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    If damage means you cant rent your property for a while, Landlord Insurance can cover you for loss of rent.

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    A Landlord Insurance policy can include cover for accidental damage, theft and malicious damage by tenants - as well as loss of rent if they leave without paying.

What is Landlord Insurance?

Like home insurance, landlord insurance can cover your rental property and its contents against risks like storms, floods and fire. It can also cover the damage that tenants can cause to your contents - and even loss of rental income.

Why do I need it?

Without landlord insurance, you could lose your valuable investment if it’s damaged or destroyed.

You could also lose income from rent if you’re unable to rent it out during repairs, or if your tenants get evicted or break the lease.

With over 40 years’ experience servicing property investors, you can trust that our specialist advisors can tailor the right product to suit your needs.

You may require a simple policy for a residential investment unit in a strata titled (body corporate) complex, cover for a commercial unit or warehouse facility, or full cover on a residential house that you rent out. Whatever your investment, we can organise the right insurance policy for you.

Some of the covers that need consideration:

Building (Is there a body corporate policy already in place?)

Loss of Rent (How will I pay the mortgage in the event the place is destroyed by fire?)

Rent Default (The tenant isn’t paying the rent, what do I do?)

Malicious Damage by Tenants

Theft by Tenants (Is my property going to be furnished?)

Plate Glass (Who’s responsible for this under the lease?)

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